Our Vision

Build a stronger Mansfield that respects the rights of all people and guarantees a standard of living that allows equal access of opportunity for all people.


As Town Moderator...

I will go above and beyond to ensure that anyone who wants to know the rules and procedures of town meeting can get that chance.

Mansfield needs a Town Moderator that knows the rules, and uses them to create an environment that allows for an open discussion on matters that are important to the town. It is the job of the Town Moderator to lead the discussion in an unbiased way to ensure fairness and impartiality.


It is our mission to run a campaign that fights for everyday people, and we can not do that without the help of generous donors!

I will ensure that the rules and regulations of town meeting are met. In town meeting important decisions are made that can decide our property value, the type of education our kids receive, and the amount of money the town spends on road construction, snow removal and many more important issues.

The Town Moderator is not responsible for making these decisions, rather facilitating a fair discussion between all of the sides. Town meeting is one of the purest forms of democracy still in use today.