The name sounds familiar...


Growing up in Mansfeild

Not just a house, but a community

I have lived in Mansfield my whole life. I attended Mansfield Public Schools and graduated as a member of the class of 2017. While in the Mansfield Public school district I played for the Mansfield football team and was involved in clubs at school. 

1A Pizza

Where business means family

1A Pizza was opened by my grandfather in 1988 and after his passing my uncle and father continued to run the business. When I was old enough, I started working with my dad to help him out with the business. I would see my dad work 70 hour weeks, not just because he had to but because he really cared about providing quality service to all of our customers and maintaining the reputation of the shop. Working with my dad taught me a strong work ethic and the importance of good customer relations. 

Running for Selectboard

Never too young to start making a difference

In 2018, when I was a freshman in college, I ran for a position on the Mansfield Select Board. This was my first attempt at holding public office. I ran to help bring a new vision to the town of Mansfield. I believed, and still believe, that my youth would allow me to look at situations from a different perspective than those who have held office for years. My bid for Select Board was unsuccessful but that did not stop me from remaining involved in politics. 

Conservation Commision

Fighting for what I believe in

In the winter of 2018, I sent in an application to become a member of a board in Mansfield. I was unanimously appointed to the Conservation Commission in January of 2019 and have served on that commission diligently since my appointment. While on the Conservation Commission I have fought to protect our wetlands and environment as well as the property rights of the people who live around construction projects like the solar farm and proposed cell tower on branch street. 

Things you might not know about

Kostas Loukos


I firmly believe that the best way to gain knowledge is from taking action. In 2017 I interned in State Representative McMurtry’s office (D-Dedham). While at his office I thoroughly learned the state legislative process and was able to meet many people at the State House. I was also able to assist in research for policy. In my sophomore year of college, I wanted to gain a different perspective on the legislative process and continue building my experience in the political arena so sought out another internship. I began Interning for State Representative Barrows (R-Mansfield). While in Representative Barrows's office I accompanied him to events in the district as well as helped file legislation for the legislative session of 2019. I became familiar with several pieces of key legislation during that session and had several late nights helping during budget season and the creation of the Massachusetts budget.


I come from a rather large Greek family. My dad immigrated from Greece in 1977 and grew up as the middle of 3 children. I too grew up as the middle of three. I have an older brother named Stratos and a younger brother named Yiannis. I was always close with my brothers because we do not have a large age difference between us. Coming from a family of Greek immigrants I was rather strongly planted into the Greek culture. I grew up going to Saint Gregory the Theologian’s church in Mansfield which caused me to have a great respect for all life.


When I was in elementary school I struggled with reading. In the third grade I was tested by the Mansfield School District for a learning disability. When my parents were shown the results they did not specify the disability. I was fortunate enough to come from a family with the means to be privately tested. My mother took me to Wellesley College where I was screened for several learning disabilities. It was discovered that I had dyslexia, a learning disability that effects people differently as most learning disabilities do. In the third grade I read at a first-grade reading level so my parents took me to see a private tutor for several years to help improve my reading, writing, and organizing abilities.