Our Vision

Build a stronger Mansfield that respects the civil rights of all people and guarantees a standard of living that allows equal access of opportunity for all people.


As Town Moderator...

Town meeting is where everyone can have their voices heard and in the past Town Moderators have be known to limit the discussion on topics. Not only does this prevent registered voters from speaking but it allows the town moderator to prevent further discussion on a topic when the moderator feels the debate is going in a direction he or she does not like. As Town Moderator I would ensure that meetings were run fairly and in accordance with Roberts Rules. It is very important to me that each and every person has the opportunity to bring their ideas and concerns to the attention of the town.


It is our mission to run a campaign that fights for everyday people, and we can not do that without the help of generous donors!

The rules and procure of Town Meeting ensure that people have a chance to speak and allows for the debate to be civil. In past years, Roberts rules have been improperly used and this has led to the town meeting being slowed down and not allowing for all of the articles of the warrant to be discussed.