There are so many ways to



More than Money!

A great way to show support for Kostas Loukos is by donating to the campaign.

Make Phone Calls

Spread The Word!

Call people from around Mansfield and tell them why you support Kostas!

Put a Sign in Your Yard

Show Your Support!

Show your support for Kostas to your neighbors and people driving by! You can put up a big or small sign!

Hold Signs

Bring Your Smile!

Hold signs for Kostas to show your support! Make some noise, smile, and have some fun with it! We are trying to build a  better community and the more people we have who enjoy the process the more people will participate!

Knock Doors!

Knock Knock!

Knocking on doors is a great way to spread word of Kostas and his Ideas


Ask a Friend!

Get people to donate to Kostas campaign! This will help us grow and better serve the Mansfield community.

Social Media


Sign up to receive periodic emails updating you on what Kostas is doing


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